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When I needed to sell my father's house, I called Jason Conn.

I depended totally on his expertise and knowledge to help me get through the experience. It was a very difficult decision for me to sell the house but Jason is very genuine, honest and open and was always present to answer my dozens of questions and put me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a real estate professional and I would not hesitate to ask him again for his help.

Sharon Sauser

Randy Hill has help me purchase two properties as well as several of my friends over the Last 5 Years here in Rossmoor and Seal Beach.

He sits on many Community boards and lives in Rossmoor Highlands himself. He used the most efficient, the best person in real estate I've ever met and I am a realtor investor. Highly highly highly recommend Randy Hill. Here is the link to all of his information and contact numbers.

James B.

Very knowledgeable about the market and financing.

We have bought and sold four homes with Jason and he always goes the extra mile. We have done many same day bids where he had to put in the offers late at night. He has on several occasions drove to our home to get papers signed and delivered them to the office himself. He is very patient and professional.

Erika Cummings

Top Notch service!

Guided us step by step through the process! He was able to get us the highest price through great negotiations for our home! Very professional and I would highly recommend him to friends and family!

Glen Gomez

We highly recommend Sean as a realtor and for all your needs pertaining to buying/selling a house.

Initially, we were working a family friend realtor with an irresistible offer of giving us 1% of her commission. Several offers were made but didn’t go through and it seemed like we were doing all the searching. We met Sean at an open house and decided to give him a chance knowing that we would not get the same offer as our family friend. That decision was the best move that we ever made and consequently got us our beautiful home. Sean was very responsive and move very quick. He knows the process very well and understood what needs to be done in order to accomplish the job. The buying experience was seamless with very minimal stress. Our home wasn’t in our ideal location, but it turned out that it’s the best value in term of good schools, close to freeway, neighborhood, etc.; and we wouldn’t considered it if it wasn’t for Sean. I will use Sean again for our next home and already told my family members about him. He will look out for your best interest and wont pressure you in buying a lemon. You won’t regret going with Sean.

Michael & Laura Nguyen

Jason has always been honest with me and says it how it is even if its not what I want to hear.

That's something that is hard to find in a person these days


If you are looking for a great Realtor, you want to call Jason.

I have been working with Jason for years and am always happy and impressed with the results. Jason is knowledgeable and responsive to his clients needs.

Tracy Kelly

If you want to sell your home at top market price or buy a home at the best deal, Sean is your real estate professional.

He took care of every step of the process and explained everything in detail with a personal touch. He was very flexible and made sure all of our concerns were addressed in a timely manner. Sean also linked us up with an out of state real estate team that help us purchase our new home. We highly recommend Sean to anyone who is serious about buying or selling a home. Just be ready to move fast.

Jimy and Sondra Butler

I rarely write customer ratings or recommendations, unless my experience was horrible or completely outstanding.

This is a recommendation I must write, so others can be as fortunate. I recently sold my home in the Garden Grove area and my experience was positively AMAZING. This wasn’t the first home I’ve sold and my prior experience of selling/buying was a nightmare. The realtor I chose was completely unprofessional and incompetent, which made the whole process excruciating. I retired in August of 2018 with plans to move out of state. Being able to retire and start a new chapter in life is wonderful, but also stressful. When you get to this point in life, you need to be extra careful in your financial decisions, so I did A LOT of research before I chose my realtor. After almost 11 months of investigation, I chose Sean Froelich, with First Team Real Estate and I’m so thankful I did. I realized Sean was new to the real estate business, but there was just something positive about his professionalism and demeanor, which made me feel comfortable in my choice, from beginning to end. Without getting into a lot of detail, during the process, a number of unforeseen issues needed to be addressed and sometimes within the same day, or hour. While I sometimes panicked, Sean always remained calm, professional and dealt with every situation thoroughly. All in all, I can’t say enough GREAT things about Sean and his wonderful associates at First Team Real Estate. Because of Sean, I was able to sell my home for TOP DOLLAR, move out of state and begin my new chapter without issue.

William McKeague

Good morning Randy, I will soon be a homeowner!

I am excited and anxious but most of all, I am very grateful. Thank you very much for being a big part on helping me fulfill a dream that has been in the making for many years. For first time homeowners like me, the home buying process can be overwhelming. From the beginning, you guided me systematically and explained everything in detailed and in terms I could understand. By being so patient, your made me feel comfortable as we visited place after place, never making feel rushed or that it was an inconvenience for you. You always took the time to listen to my concerns and answered my multiple messages and emails; always making me feel that what I thought and had to say was important. Your vast knowledge and demeanor gave me trust and I always felt reassured that not only we would find the right home for me, but that at the end, everything would be all right. Here we are now; tomorrow I will sign the paperwork, wire the money and hopefully soon get the keys! Again, thank you very much for turning on what could have been an overwhelming process into a learning and rewarding experience. Sincerely, Fabiola


I was blown away by Afsy's professionalism, and her ability to make things happen in a friendly and speedy manner.

Afsy has an impressive knowledge of the complicated step by step process of selling and purchasing a property. With Afsy at my side, I felt secure in the knowledge that she made sure I got the best possible deal. I've been recommending Afsy to my family and friends and will again reach out to her, with great confidence, whenever I decide to sell or purchase a property.

Dora Levy

ABOVE & BEYOND if you are looking for a devoted broker to dig deep, bring you prime opportunities and negotiate hard - with class and a genuine quality, Afsy is your choice.

My expectations her has been nothing but the best.

Sal Gabbay

Testimonial for Ken Leaders (714) 790-9668 kenleaders@firstteam.

com Locations: Seal Beach - Rossmoor Rating: Excellent Ken was most helpful and dedicated much time and effort to assure that we found just the right home. His assistance went well above and beyond any usual agent effort. His most thoughtful and attentive professional and we are most happy to recommend him REALLY! The level of his thoughtfulness and generosity had never been encountered before. Any buyer or seller who has Ken represent them will be most fortunate. Name (Testimonial Author) Tim Tucker Recording Date Time Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 8:48:35 AM

Tim Tucker

"When my wife and I decided to sell our house, our goals were the same as all sellers—maximize the sales price, minimize our worries.

That’s what Mr. Conn did for us, breaking the record for sales price in our 30-year-old community. He listed at an aggressive price, attracted the right buyers and sold them on the value. Once in escrow, he came prepared to the appraisal to underscore the upgrades and establish our home’s worth. Then he came for the inspection to ensure nothing was misunderstood, to avoid possibly diminishing value or creating confusion with the buyers. Our escrow ended up being extraordinarily unique due to some personal challenges with the buyers, but throughout the process Mr. Conn was informative, positive and pragmatic, ultimately guiding the escrow to close under unforeseen and difficult circumstances. If and when I sell again, I will certainly be calling Mr. Conn. He is professional, prepared, cared about our results and is simply an impressive agent and fun to work with. Highly recommend!"


Around the Month of Feb.

2018, We decided to sell are home in Los Alamitos, Ca. we are going to build a home in Prescott Valley, AZ. We decided to use Randy Hill of First Team Real Estate. That decision was the best choice we could of made. From start to finish Feb to June 19 (closing date) Randy sent us all the procedures. His professionalism was outstanding. We constantly had questions for him and he was always on top of things. He would always give us updates on what was going on and what to expect, right to the day of closing. I highly encourage anyone to call me if they want to know about Mr Hill's great work.

Rudy E

Afsy was such a joy to work with.

There was no nonsense. She knows exactly what she is doing, she knows what she is talking about, and she works fast. I've bought a few houses recently and this was the fastest, painless process we have been through thus far. She is amazing. She also has a way of making you feel like you are family, not just her client. I look forward to my relationship with Afsy and will be using her moving forward. If you are looking for someone to help you, look no further.

Alyssa Lynch

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